Furniture is durable goods that  indispensable part of our everyday life, which enhances and simplifies our living space.  indispensable  piece of our decorations is that even though  furniture is in the category of durable goods furniture needs  a  special  cleaning up The important point here is accurately make the right cleaning. If applying a wrong cleaning this made furniture will gradually wear out over time.

When handling the topic how to clean furniture more understandable and to be consistent we can categorize the way how clean up and we will have them in the analysis which how to clean furniture.

 Chipboard And MDF Lam surfaca Cleaning On Furniture; 

If the furniture is laminated, it does not matter whether it is Chipboard or MDFLam because the chipboard and MDFlam surface are manufactured from the same material. The laminate coating is similar to laminate, but the laminate is more resistant. the two should not be confused.

The most important point to note when cleaning chipboard and MDFlam furniture is; The edges of the laminated coatings are bonding with PVC glue. Normally, even if water is left on the surface, there is no problem, but the water leaking from the pvc edges will cause the material to swell and decay over time. Therefore, make sure that there is no wetness in the pvc bonding area. Lam furniture is divided into normal lamination and high gloss lamination

 The cloth to be used in the cleaning of the High Gloss Lam Material should be smooth and clean. You do not need to use any cleaning chemistry to clean this material. You can only clean with pure clean water and a smooth cloth.

 When The Normal Lam Material is cleaned, it is not important that the cloth has a smooth surface because it is scratch resistant. Since the laminate material will be fluffy and patterned in general, the cleaning will be done with a cloth and pure clean water, but it may become darkening over time. You can pour surfactant/surface-active agent  (CİF)  into the water-filled bucket to prevent these blackouts and clean the surface to prevent these blackouts with Surfactanted /surface-active agent (CİF) water. It should be noted here that the cleaning is done with a dry cloth so that the furniture is not completely damp

 Cleaning of Wooden Furniture;

When we look at the wooden furniture in general terms, we can split it into two, lake and veneer.

You need to pay more attention to the cleanliness of Lake Furniture. According to the laminate, these furnishings are more elegant but more sensitive. In particular, the shiny surface structure is very delicate to scratch. The cloth you use in cleaning must be smooth and also cottony. We do not recommend smooth microfibre glands, but instead we recommend using softer glands. And also we do not recommend the use of chemical cleaning materials because the quality of lacquer paint used in furniture is very important if the furniture have a second class lacquer paint, you may encounter situations such as paint fade and change color. Cleaning can be done with pure clean water as long as there is no serious contamination (if the cleaning is done with dirty cloth or if the paint is of poor quality the surface will be yellowing.). Lacquer paint protects wood. In this respect, it adds resistatce to water, but we repeat it again. Do not leave it moist and wet otherwise bubbles may form on the paint surface.

Cleaning of the veneer furniture has an advantage in respect to the lacquer, the wood is scratch resistant and the scratches can be camouflaged, but the water resistance depends on the varnishin. The cloth to be used in the wooden cleaning should be soft and you can also clean it with pure clean water or water with wood cleaners 


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